Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yes ~ Roses Tiger Lilies N Roselle for November 2009

Nov - December 2009 becoming more energising. I am bracing up. Sourcing for new materials  and being occupied with upcoming workshop. Booked for fresh flower design & arrangement workshop scheduled for early and mid Dec.

new stock of artificial flowers  and vases ~~~~

for November 2009 (ref : 101 Nov09)

long-stemmed Roselles (ref: 102 Nov09)

yellow Tiger Lilies (ref: 103 Nov09)

reddish orange roses and peonies (ref: 104 Nov09)

a basket of roses (ref: 105 Nov09)

white and yellow frens (ref: 106 Nov09)

 squarish rose vase (ref: 107 Nov09)

Enquiries most welcome and
 if you have any preference  just sms to  019 3520821
 or email me at

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