Thursday, August 26, 2010

Artificial Flowers Arrangements for Hari Raya Aidilfitri Sale

(AF301) Parrot Tulips with Forget-me-Not and Blue Berries
in a square ceramic vase

Size >  Vase h5"x5" , height/width of floral arrangement is 20"x12"

(AF302)Purplish  Potty of Sage, Egg Plants & red  CherryApples
to deco your kitchen table top  
Size > Vase  h7"xw7", Height = 22" x18"

            (AF303) Cream Pink Amaryllis in a pyramid design             
Size > Vase  h6 1/2" x w5", Height = 18" x9"

(AF304)  Purple Allium Topiary Design
fringed by sweet Lavenders and Seeded Eu leaves
Size > Vase  h61/2"x 5" , Height =18"

(AF305)  Fuchsia Parrot Tulips
Size > Vase h5" x5", Height = 18"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Meanings of Flowers - Amaryllis & Calla Lily

.... Beauty in the eyes of the Beholder ....
I have always enjoyed flowers especially more now since I started to dabble into flower arrangement and experimenting with all the different media be it fresh flowers, artificial & silk flowers, flowers for the bride, flowers for wedding gifts and looking forward to more things to do with flowers.

One can express a wide range of emotions and feelings through flowers. I want to share brief notes on the flowers (the flower arrangements shown above).

Amaryllis ,also called 'Amaryllis Belladonna Lily', is an attractive showy flower and it expresses -"splendid beauty/pride" . The color 'pink'  reflects soothing feeling and relaxes/relieves tension.

The Amaryllis flower stem is straight and tall. The stem bears 2-5 large flowers at the top, with six brightly coloured tepals (three outer sepals, three inner petals, with similar appearance to each other). A stunning amaryllis flower with dark red markings, or different colors appear on the stalks. Thus making this choice of Amaryllis a beauty as my 'Topiary' design.

Calla Lily signifies "magnificence and beauty" and popular as wedding bouquets. Calla lilies also a symbol of elegance and sophistication thus making Calla lilies arrangement makes an elegant display on the coffee table/mantlepiece or any corner of your home. Its timeless beauty and wide range of colors making it a special flower to enjoy and a  good choice for weddings.

Calla lily  bloom is trumpet like and  its leaves are shaped like arrowheads. Its simple beauty and innate grace is magnified in my  "Swirly Calla"  design.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Classic Pitcher Vase

Classic Pitcher - RM360
[Vase = h12" x w10" ,  total ht = 35"] (sold)

Calla Lilies and Amaryllis designed in silver/gold ceramic Vases

Calla Swirl design by CikJah - RM350
[Vase =  h5" x w12" / tot ht =23"]    (sold)

Cream Pink Amaryllis Topiary - RM250   (sold)
Design by CikjahFlowers
[Vase = h8" x w8", tot ht =26"]

still accepting orders
* subject to availability flowers & vases

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mommy Duck and its Pretty Ducklings

playing hide and seek
then see me with three little darlings
Now ..... 5 little ducks
one  sneaking behind my back

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Angel Tulips and Parrot Tulips in pink/white/yellow of different sizes..small/med/big ..short and tall

The first set of 12 flower arrangements been done and collected by my friend and now came in the second stock of artificial flowers and new ceramic vases. Once again, CikJahFlowers small workshop get busy ...

calla lilies

 Tulips in season ..
small green berries

the new ceramic vases - in plain lime lime-green and cream

Orders still accepted (subject to availability of stock)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tulips and Lavenders Aidilfitri 2010 Sale

have been busy doing flowers for a friend
these are some of the artificial /silk flowers in stock
and contemporary designs done for the hari raya

I love this particular artificial white and yellow  tulips
in a clear rectangular glass vase
(* manage to snap photos before she came to collect it) 

Orders still open and please email or call ... tell me your choice of colours and flowers and budget. Will help you design a flower arrangement to deco your dining table/reception/ etc ...