Thursday, November 5, 2009

Swaying Away from Arranging Flowers ......this is My First Try At Decoupage

Have been dreaming long time  to try my hand at  'Decorative Arts'...  drawing..  painting..  splashing colors to create something that can be named as 'artistic'  or simply   'c a n t i k'.

I was lucky this time. Just spent a whole week balik kampung, ie. my hometown.  And while clearing up the kitchen shelves and my late mother's store, found an old  pelita >  lets see the before and after ...


and later with some sanding ..polishing..brushing..painting and repainting several coats of gesso and plus several coats of varnish (got these materials from cik nor hafinaliza affeen.blogspot quite some time ago)

wah la la...hey presto!

.after many many hours of toil, this is my first piece of decoupage

Though not a piece that I would label as ' a piece of art' work, I am happy knowing that a lot of patience and lots of loving touch can turn out such a piece.

Similarly,  with the art of designing and arranging  flowers,  we need patience and  that loving touch.  

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