Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Combination Commercial Designs for Dining Deco and Wedding Reception Display

Unity Candle -Horizontal & S-shape Display
(ref : F108/Nov09)
(note ~ for this particular display the choice of white candles go well with flowers and its colors.
 plz state your preference of Colors and shape of candles to match the blooms)

Pink Stargazer/Lily as the focal flower
(ref : F109/Nov09)

(ref: F110/Nov09)

Dashing Red Orange Inverted T and Crescent design
Red-orange Gerberas and Carnations with strong line of the Ginger flowers
(ref: F111/Nov09)

Dulcet Orchid and Freshie Roses sweetly Fanned
Diamond & Fan-Shaped design
(ref: F112/Nov09)

the evergreen Cascading Carnations
(ref: F113/Nov09)

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