Friday, March 5, 2010

A Brief on How To > Boutonnieres & Corsages

The Boutonniers  may be a single flower, a Cluster of blooms, or a sophisticated foliage grouping , usually worn by the groom/bestman

and Corsages for the bride and flower girls/ladies can be very traditional , using flowers, fillers, foliage and ribbons and glitter stones/pearls may also added on.

1.  Pick A Bloom(s)  of your choice - Carnation/Rose/Orchid
Choose fresh cut blooms and matching acessories

2. Cut off the stalk (abt 2cm) and soak for a few minutes  under water/ to alllow the bloom drink water and maintain freshness
3. Basic wiring techniques - pierce method (cross)
/strengthen the flower stem

4.  Every pc is wired and taped (floral tape)

5. Fillers flowers and foliage carefuly taped to the stalk
..wrap-around method eg. babys' breath/statice

6. Matching ribbons positioned & tied/designs

Making your own great boutonnieres and beautiful corsages is easy and fun. It will also save your money once you learn the basic techniques. You can create your own design Corsages  for 'Mother's Day' or any other special event.

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