Thursday, September 3, 2009

Artificial Flowers in Contemporary Designs 4Sale with 20% discount (bookings made be4 15 Sept 09)

Orange blooms and sweet berries  in terracotta pot, RM100
(suitable for centerpiece)
White & Pink Fresias with Ferns and twigs
(abt 4 ft height & 13" wooden Vase ),  RM280
Mix of peonies, roses with pink Star Gazer Lily (H=3ft)
in rustic (H=10")  flower pot , RM200
Orange-Red Proteas with white stephanots (H=3 ft) , RM220
decorated with split Philo Leaves and eucalyptus
in sweet tin-can pitcher

Kindly note the following  condition:-
* prices listed above b4 discount
* payment via MBB/CIMB
* free delivery within Klang Valley (40 frm Cyberjaya)
*subject to availability of  flowers & Vases
* option/choice of flowers  open for discussions

1 comment:

  1. Pretty flowers! Those flowers seems so real. I like it. Wish someone also send me like that. Keep posting.